About us

Folk dance ensemble Vizovjánek was founded in 1992 in Vizovice, a Moravian town in the eastern part of the Czech Republic. Since its foundation, the group focuses its activity on the treatment of folk and custom materials from Wallachian hilly region. Vizovjánek holds traditional dance ball, carnival parade or Easter caroling and takes part in many local and international folk festivals in Czech, Slovakia, Hungary, Poland, Croatia, Latvia, Denmark, Spain, Portugal or Mexico. Other important part of Vizovjánek members activity is their work with children. There are 4 children´s dance groups which are attended by more than 100 children. Organization manager of the whole group is Jitka Macková. 

Since 2013, Vizovjánek has been cooperating with cimbalom band Ocún. The basic repertoire of the music band consists of folklore songs from Wallachian region. Leader of the music is Tereza Malaníková.